Brussels Declaration

Issued by the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil)

November 1, 2022

On the first anniversary of its launch, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) organized a wide range of activities, meetings, events and popular marches during the week between October 22-30. After concluding the Week for Return and Liberation, the Masar issued the following statement:

On the first anniversary of its launch, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement stands in a spirit of national responsibility and struggle before the sacrifices of our Palestinian people and salutes the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners. Our movement is committed and dedicated to its voluntary, authentic affiliation with the Palestinian, Arab and international resistance camp, and it is motivated to participate in and respond to the call of duty, to confront the forces of imperialism, colonialism, Zionism and reaction.

The movement affirms the following positions and decisions:

First: Our national Palestinian and Arab liberation struggle is entering at this time a new revolutionary phase, confronting the aggression of hostile forces on the one hand, and amid the escalation of the fire of resistance and the Palestinian intifada in the occupied homeland on the other. Today, we call upon ourselves, our organizations, our allies, and all the Palestinian, Arab and international forces to continue their revolutionary and human role and duty in supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people and strengthening the people’s steadfastness in the face of racist Zionist colonialism throughout occupied Palestine, from the river to the sea. We also call upon all to continue to tand against the policies of isolation and marginalization that our refugee camps and areas of asylum, often belts of misery and poverty, are subjected to in exile and diaspora.

Second: The movement calls on its comrades and supporters everywhere to raise the pace in confronting the projects of liquidation and normalization engineered by the colonial and imperialist forces led by the United States, NATO and their agents in our Arab region. These colonial powers bear responsibility for the crime of establishing the racist Zionist entity in Palestine and uprooting our people from their homeland. They provide a comprehensive cover for the daily Zionist crimes against our people and our nation, target our rights and plunder the wealth and resources of the peoples of the region. We note that this declaration is issued on the eve of the anniversary of the infamous Balfour Declaration, and accordingly we call for rejecting and confronting all the foundations of imperialism and colonialism in our homeland, since 1917 to the present day.

Third: We stress the need to consolidate and strengthen the unity of the Arab, Islamic and internationalist resistance camp with its various intellectual and political currents in the Arab world, the region and the world. The movement calls for strengthening the alliance with all countries, groups and resistance movements in the region and the world that oppose imperialism, Zionism and fascism. The unity and steadfastness of our camp in the face of the major challenges facing us in this historical era requires in the first place a reconsideration of the role and status of the Arab national liberation movement and the resumption of the fight against the regimes of dependency, backwardness, reaction and their agents. This is a necessary step on the road to defeating colonial domination in its various forms and manifestations and the struggle to defend our Arab nation and its struggling peoples, until they obtain their natural right to self-determination and restore their historical and cultural position from the ocean to the Gulf.

Fourth: The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement affirms its decision to escalate its mobilization of mass, media and political struggle in confronting the “self-rule” so-called “Palestinian Authority,” that acts as the agent of the occupation in the occupied West Bank of Palestine. The movement will launch open popular initiatives during the coming year, 2023, and mobilize its forces to confront the path of Oslo and its disastrous results, as we are about to reach the 30th anniversary of the Oslo accords on 13 September 2023. In this context, we reaffirm our position regarding the illegitimacy of the official leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization and call for the overthrow of this leadership’s corrupt, destructive approach.

Fifth: The movement reiterates the need to immediately start building the unified, consolidated Palestinian national front. We call on the Palestinian resistance forces, especially the leaderships of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, the armed Palestinian resistance forces, the national struggle movements and personalities, and the masses of revolutionary intellectuals, to adopt a national strategy for liberation and return, to establish unified professional syndicates and labor unions in the homeland and in exile and diaspora, and to rebuild unifying national institutions. This must be done by leaving behind the illusions of so-called “reconciliation” with the Oslo forces that recognize the Zionist entity, hide behind the liquidationist slogan of “statehood,” and act as agents in the service of the enemy through imprisonment and repression.

Sixth: The movement condemns once again the official Zionist-U.S.-Egyptian policy of siege imposed upon our steadfast people in the Gaza Strip, and calls on its organizations and forces to redouble our efforts to break the siege and confront all of the parties responsible for this crime. We also call on the Authority in the Gaza Strip to fully and unconditionally align itself with the rights of the popular classes, the popular incubator for the Palestinian resistance, especially the workers, farmers, fishers, artisans and the productive popular groups that pay the greatest price, embrace the arms of resistance, form the backbone of the national economy, stand up despite the siege and aggression, and confront all the attempts of the enemy, the Ramallah authority and their agents to tamper with the unity of our internal front.

Seventh: The movement considers 2023 the year of escalating forms of Arab and international popular struggle and expanding circles of solidarity with the struggling and resisting national prisoners’ movement in the Zionist jails. The movement emphasizes the importance of strengthening and developing the key role of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and to support the various organizations and forces working to liberate our prisoners from behind the bars of Zionist colonialism. We also call for expanding our efforts to liberate the Lebanese Arab imprisoned fighter, Georges Abdallah, the Holy Land 5, and all revolutionary prisoners in Arab and imperialist jails.

Eighth: As the movement salutes the revolutionary struggle of the comrades in the various organizations, associations and parties that participated with us in the Week of Action for Liberation and Return, providing support and engagement at multiple levels, we are committed to strengthening our relations of revolutionary struggle with the various international liberation movements in order to serve the interests of our peoples, protect their rights and achieve their goals of popular development, liberation, social justice and socialism. We aim to build these relationships toward constructing a society of self-sufficiency and justice, and to expand popular international alliances to achieve this goal.

Ninth: The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement adopted a set of proposed recommendations to be announced later, including the commemoration of the first anniversary of the passing of comrade writer Dr. Samah Idriss in the last week of November. Comrade Samah Idriss was a comrade, teacher and writer, who contributed to the establishment of the Arab movement to boycott the Zionist entity and who participated in setting the first pillars of our movement, and contributed to the launch of its revolutionary project. Accordingly, the anniversary of his departure every year will be an occasion of struggle and confrontation of the Zionist enemy and its agents, and his ideas will remain a shining beacon for the strugglers, inspiring all of the friends of our cause and enraging the enemy.

Tenth: Based on our internationalist identity, and on the basis that our Alternative Revolutionary Path is an integral part of the anti-imperialist movement, the movement will work to strengthen its role in the arenas of popular struggle in defense of the rights of workers, peasants and poor toilers, and in confronting fascism, racism and the predatory system of capitalism. The movement calls on its supporters to link the Palestinian liberation struggle with the struggle of the peoples in Asia, Africa and South America, the Black Liberation struggle in the United States and the struggles of the Indigenous peoples of North America, Australia and others for national and social liberation and the recovery of their land, resources and rights.

Finally, we highly value and deeply appreciate the efforts of the sons and daughters of our Palestinian people in the European continent who have endured the difficulties and hardships of travel, and who have come from many different regions and countries to participate in the March for Return and Liberation. We also salute the allied revolutionary forces and all the organizations and individuals that declared their solidarity with the Masar Badil and condemned the decision of the Netherlands and the European Union to prevent comrade Charlotte Kates and comrade Khaled Barakat from participating in the Week of Return and Liberation. We salute our comrades in the Secours Rouge and Classe Contre Classe organizations, our friends in the EuroPalestine association, the Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine, and all who participated in organizing the Week of Return and Liberation in Brussels.

Long live the struggle of our Palestinian people, on the road of return and the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea!

Long live the struggle of our Arab nation and the peoples of our region for liberation, dignity and the right to self-determination!

Long live international solidarity…Victory is coming for the struggling peoples!

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil)

November 1, 2022




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