Masar Badil: The will of our Palestinian people is stronger than the occupation and greater than the puppet PA agencies

– Threats by the Palestinian Authority to Palestinian figures and national forces reveal the real purpose of the Oslo project

– Repression only increases the isolation of the PA and accelerates the fall of this failed enterprise

The Preparatory Committee of the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil) considers that the policies of repression, threats and intimidation pursued by Palestinian Authority-affiliated forces and organizations, including sectors of the Fateh movement, reveal the nature and function of the security agencies of the PA, acting as agents of Zionist colonialism in the occupied West Bank.

At the conclusion of its weekly meeting, the Preparatory Committee denounced these Palestinian Authority threats directed against national figures from occupied Palestine ’48 and the targeting and smearing of youth forces and popular organizations in North America and Europe because of their positions rejecting PA repression and condemning the assassination of Palestinian struggler and intellectual Nizar Banat. The Committee affirmed that these actions confirm the functional role assigned to the Palestinian Authority since its establishment in back-room deals in Oslo and Washington. It also reveals the nature of its security role, providing security to the Israeli colonizer, which has begun to crack and disintegrate, on its way to collapse.

The Preparatory Committee noted the statement issued by a group calling itself the “Palestinian Revolution Veterans Association,” which included threats targeting our comrades in the Abnaa el-Balad Movement in occupied Palestine ’48. These clear and explicit threats in such a suspicious statement reflect the nature of the Palestinian Authority, sponsored by Israel and funded by U.S. intelligence agencies and other forces hostile to the Palestinian people.

The Committee further deplored the position of Palestinian Authority security agencies. Not only did they carry out a heinous crime, the assassination of revolutionary struggler and intellectual Nizar Banat, but they have also continued the policy of repression, torture, abuse and arrest that has affected hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators. They have engaged in bullying, physical violence and intimidation, and attempted to smear and distort the reputations of women activists and strugglers. This has further included physical and verbal attacks on Palestinian strugglers protesting outside the PA embassy in Beirut and threats and disinformation campaigns against youth groups and popular organizations in Lebanon, Europe, the United States and elsewhere.

Every step taken by the Palestinian Authority against freedom of opinion and expression is only further evidence of the deepening crisis of the PA, the Committee affirmed. These practices are cowardly and shameful, violate the national conscience of the Palestinian people and contradict the spirit of our people, who respect political and intellectual pluralism in our society.

The suspicious statement attacking the comrades in the Abnaa el-Balad Movement only increases the isolation of the corrupt PA, the Preparatory Committee affirmed. It reveals more about the extent of its decline and will only accelerate the final downfall of the Oslo approach, which is necessary to proceed to a new stage of struggle and correct the national compass toward all of Palestine and all of its people.

The Committee called on organizations and forces affiliated with it not to be drawn into debates on social media sites that aim only to distort the truth, but rather to continue organized and unified activities confronting the crimes of the occupation, working to bring down the path of Oslo, to defend Palestinians and their land throughout Jerusalem and the West Bank, to support the Palestinian prisoners’ movement fighting a daily battle inside Israeli prisons, and to launch popular initiatives to participate in the reconstruction and support our steadfast people in the Gaza Strip. We urge all Palestinians to honor the sacrifices of the martyr Nizar Banat with broad popular participation confronting the occupation and its puppet Authority that has crossed all red lines.

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