Statement of the Palestinian Alternative Student Path

Communication between the Palestinian people in the homeland and diaspora is a right and a duty — Zionist attacks will not intimidate us!

The Zionist intelligence service in occupied Haifa arrested a Palestinian student, Somaya Falah, on the pretext of her contact with “hostile parties”, in reference to her participation in the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil) held in Madrid at the end of October 2021. This is an attempt to deter Palestinians inside occupied Palestine ’48 from communicating with our people in exile and diaspora.

We, in the Alternative Palestinian Student Path, do not consider these repression attempts new or unusual for the Zionist entity. They reflect the deep Zionist fear of any project aiming at unifying the struggle of the Palestinian people against the relentless efforts to fragment us. This is also an attack targeting the Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement, seeking to stifle Palestinian popular efforts to overcome the path of Oslo and move beyond its disastrous results, instead returning to the struggle to free all of occupied Palestine, from the river to the sea.

We are also aware that one key aim of this repressive measure is to intimidate the students and target the unity of the Palestinian student movement.

Accordingly, we call on the students of Palestine, the Arab world, and the democratic forces and supporters of the Palestinian people around the globe to join the Palestinian popular campaign, “Mutawassiloun”, which translates to “in contact“, aiming at connecting Palestinians in the homeland and diaspora. We must also transfer this campaign to Arab and international spaces and build bridges of communication as a natural right of the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine, confronting all attempts to erase Palestinian rights and national identity.

We will uphold our natural right, our national duty, to communicate with our people in occupied Palestine from the river to the sea. We aim to rebuild our unions, political and student organizations, and affirm our insistence and determination to proceed with our program and goals and expose this criminal policy targeting Palestinian students and Palestinian women in particular.

Together, we will restore the unity of our Palestinian student movement.

We move forward to convene the National Conference of Palestinian Students
Together, we build bridges of return and liberation!

To contact the Palestinian Alternative Student Path (Student Masar)

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