Comrade Eyad Abu al-Ola, a member of the Follow-up Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil), said that the Palestinian Authority’s embassy in Sweden is “blatantly interfering in the affairs of Palestinian popular unions and establishing fictitious associations affiliated with them in order to serve the interests of the Authority and the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in Ramallah.”

Abu al-Ola said that “these fictitious unions do not exist on the ground in reality. They do not provide any services to our Palestinian people, do not defend their human and national rights, and do not confront the Zionist movement and its organizations in Europe. They do not participate in the boycott movement. In reality, they are only empty names that still constitute a heavy burden on our shoulders,” speaking about the inaction and silence of the Palestinian and Arab embassies about the daily crimes taking place against our people in Jerusalem, the Naqab and Gaza, and against the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons and detention centers of the Zionist enemy.

Abu al-Ola said that these recent events in Sweden reflect “the state of failure and degeneration that the illusory institutions sponsored by the PA embassies have reached. A formal meeting was conducted over Zoom, which was supervised by the PA ambassador to Sweden, Rola Jamal Muhaisen, who seeks to outline and define for us the political program of Palestinian communities in the diaspora. Our people have paid a heavy price because of corruption in the embassies because of the policy of monopolization of power and exclusion in the PLO. The majority of the Palestinian people reject all those who represent this liquidationist approach to our cause.”

Abu al-Ola said that governments and embassies in general should “not interfere in the affairs of trade unions, community institutions, political parties, student and civil associations, which have the right to hold decision-makers accountable and not the other way around,” adding, “It is a farce that this so-called government supervises union and political elections. The Oslo PA is affiliated with the occupation, so it cannot be a  reliable and legitimate reference for Palestinian institutions, unions, and federations, whether within the occupied homeland or in the diaspora.”

Abu al-Ola further rejected efforts to divert the struggle and cause of Palestinian refugees by referring instead to “expatriates” and “immigrants,” especially as this makes it easier for the Authority to control our affairs and decisions and confiscate our voice. Instead, he called for a firm response to “all attempts to undermine the right to return and circumvent the rights of Palestinian refugees.”

Abu al-Ola called on Palestinian popular unions, organizations and institutions in Sweden and Europe to unite and cooperate to confront the liquidation project and all attempts to undermine our rights and to take a clear position against the path of Oslo and the practices of the “self-government” PA against the Palestinian resistance.

On the role of Palestinian Authority embassies abroad, which are part of the PLO and considered, in turn, by the international community to be the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,” Abu al-Ola said, “It is not important what Washington, London, Tel Aviv and others say. What is important is what our Palestinian people say. We consider the prisoners’ movement and the armed forces of the Palestinian resistance to be the parties that defend the rights of our people today. We call on all national forces to build a united front for liberation and return. Our position in the Masar Badil is clear. We are dealing with the PLO leadership as a temporary de-facto authority — not an eternal destiny for our people. Their inevitable fate is collapse and failure in the face of the movement of our people.”

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