Popular unity to confront the Zionist entity and overthrow the path of normalization and corruption requires building a unified national front for liberation and return

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) called on the Palestinian national liberation forces and popular movements inside Palestine and in exile and diaspora to rise up with popular rejection and confrontation of the Zionist entity and the subordinate Palestinian Authority, and to work to overturn the security and political approach of the Authority. The Palestinian resistance forces must not adapt to the conditions of subordination, humiliation and instrumentalization that were imposed upon the Palestinian institutions by hostile forces throughout the last period through the so-called “peace process.” This “process” was nothing more than a path of surrender by the Palestinian Authority leadership, from which our Palestinian people have reaped only disappointment, failure and fragmentation.

Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Central Follow-Up Committee of the Masar Thawri Badil, said, “All our people must make clear their real position on the project of liquidation and normalization that is continuing in full swing throughout Palestine and in the diaspora, in order to confront the Zionist entity and overthrow the path of corruption represented by the Oslo Authority and the class it represents, subservient to occupation, colonialism, imperialism and the reactionary Arab regimes.”

Abubakra further expressed that the Masar has the highest level of confidence and trust in the leaders and cadres of the Palestinian resistance and the struggling prisoners’ movement behind occupation bars, emphasizing the responsibility and role of the popular incubator of the resistance and the Palestinian and Arab student, labor and women’s movements, which must assume popular direction over the role of the Palestinian factions and political parties to declare full rejection of the conditions of the Oslo stage. This coincides with the 29th anniversary of the announcement of the catastrophic Oslo Accords, the Declaration of Principles, on September 13, and the protection of our people and their national rights that the colonial powers seek to liquidate and erase.

Abubakra added, “We must pave our new path, representing a united revolutionary alternative in the Palestinian and Arab arena, to confront the “self-rule” Oslo Authority and not adapt to it. This authority in Ramallah has become a tool of liquidation acting on behalf of the occupation regime, the United States, the European Union, and Arab reaction.”

“The Palestinian national forces bear a major historical responsibility, and we urge them to respond to this popular demand and begin establishing a unified Palestinian national front capable of formulating a new strategy for liberation and return,” noting that “some Palestinian forces are working to market the Palestinian Authority president and burnish his destructive approach, even as he acts to drag us back into the quagmire of absurd negotiations and rounds of reconciliation.”

Last week, the Masar Thawri Badil called for the “establishment and building of the broadest international popular coalition to bring down the Oslo Accords and their liquidationist and catastrophic results.”

Abubakra said that the call addresses the international left, emphasizing that the so-called Declaration of Principles Agreement, signed between some leaders in the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Zionist occupation entity in Washington, DC on September 13, 1993, known popularly and internationally as the “Oslo Accords.” These accords do not represent the Palestinian people, and we reassert once again that this shameful agreement is illegitimate. Its goal is to protect the security, economic and political interests of the occupation and, within that framework, to protect the privileges and interests of a subordinate political class acting as a proxy for the occupation and its allies, at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rights.”

In a statement last week, the Masar Badil movement called on all leftist, labor union and popular movements and forces in Europe to join the demonstration organized by the movement outside the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo on Saturday, September 10, to declare a unified position against the Zionist colonial entity and its crimes and to confront the Oslo Agreement, which has been a major tool of deception of international public opinion.

The Masar appealed to the liberation movement and progressive and revolutionary forces, calling for the activation and development of the popular international boycott of the Israeli occupation, its products and institutions, and confronting the Zionist and fascist organizations that support “Israel” and justify its bloody massacres against the Palestinian people.

These events come as the Masar Badil, along with popular forces and organizations for Palestine, are preparing for the Marches of Return and Liberation on 29 October 2022, including the major march in Brussels to the European Parliament.

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